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Health Workers

Helping Neighborhoods Thrive


CHW Upskilling

Upskilling provides training programs and development opportunities that expand an employee's abilities and minimize skill gaps. Upskilling focuses on improving current employees' skill sets, usually through training, so they can advance in their jobs and find different roles and opportunities within the company.

CHW Upskilling Opportunities

Listed below are examples of upskill trainings which are now available to CHWs.  Each training is set up differently in terms of credit hours, training styles, trainee requirements, and when the program is offered. If there is a particular kind of upskilling you would like and it isn’t listed- contact us- we may be able to help you find it! 

If you are interested in any of the upskill trainings, send an email to  In the subject line, type in the name of the training.

Medical Assistant

Dental Assistant 

Mental Health First Aid Adult/Youth                           Lifestyle Coach – Diabetes Prevention Program     Asthma – COPD – Live Well Breathe Well                    

Pharmacy Tech

Medical Lab Assistant

Alzheimer’s Navigation

Parkinson’s Navigation

American Sign Language                

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