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As your child heads back to the classroom, it’s important to stay up to date with routine vaccines to keep kids healthy and ready to learn.


Boost your Health
for Back to School!

School vaccine requirements in Illinois 

All schools and childcare facilities in Illinois require proof of certain vaccines and immunizations before students are allowed to attend class. The Illinois Department of Public Health lists the current minimum requirements, broken down by grade level. 

Age-related vaccine requirements

The CDC has a schedule to help parents understand when vaccines are needed and the efficacy time for each vaccine. It’s broken down by specific age, ensuring parents have a clear and accurate understanding of their child’s needs. 

Need help finding a COVID-19 vaccine? 

The federal government makes it easy to find available vaccines near you. Simply enter your zip code into the site and select the preferred manufacturer and age group.

Back-to-School Campaign 2023

IPHA Adult Vaccine Campaigns

IPHA Pediatric Vaccine Campaigns

Provider Fact Sheet on Illinois Vaccine Programs/Reporting Platforms

Digital Flyer (Provided by IDPH)

Print Flyer (Provided by IDPH)

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