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The best way to protect yourself and
your family from a tripledemic – a combination of COVID-19, the seasonal flu, and RSV – is by staying
up to date on your vaccinations. 

COVID-19 Immunizations

Updated COVID-19 immunizations more closely target the Omicron variant, which is the dominant strain of COVID-19 in the United States. The Illinois Department of Public Health outlines who is eligible for which vaccine and where to find them. 

Seasonal Flu Immunizations

Local health departments, healthcare providers, and pharmacies across the state offer easy access to protection from the seasonal flu. The Illinois Department of Public Health has a detailed list of facilities that offer up-to-date flu immunizations. 

RSV Immunizations

While RSV might seem like a mild cold, this virus can be very dangerous to elderly populations and infants. The Centers for Disease Control recommend immunizations for these age groups, as well as pregnant women. 

Tripledemic Campaign 2023

Tripledemic Campaign Winter 2023-2024

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