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Health Workers

Helping Neighborhoods Thrive

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IPHA administers numerous grant programs that utilize Community Health Workers as the foundation for delivering education and outreach in communities to address a variety of health concerns.



This project works with CHWs based at community-based organizations and federally qualified health centers to increase acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination in disproportionally affected communities in 10 regions in targeted priority zip codes.


COVID Health Equity

Through this grant, CHWs at community-based organizations, federally qualified health centers and local health departments assist individuals, families, and communities to enhance their health, foster health literacy, access services and improve the conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in low income and marginalized communities in 27 targeted counties.


Partnering for Vaccine Equity – I’LL Vaccinate

This project works with CHWs at three partner community-based organizations to increase COVID-19 and Influenza vaccination rates among marginalized populations in Illinois through in-person and social media outreach, vaccination activities, and other strategies.


Alzheimer's Disease Early Detection and Awareness Campaign

Through this grant, CHWs at community-based organizations and local health departments implement a statewide Alzheimer's Disease Related Dementias (ADRD) public education and awareness campaign to improve early detection, provide linkage to providers for care and connection to resources. 


COVID-19 Outreach in Refugee, Immigrant & Migrant Populations

This grant partners with CHWs at three local community-based organizations to increase COVID-19 outreach in refugee, immigrant and migrant populations in 11 identified counties by addressing vaccine hesitancy and access to culturally and linguistically appropriate prevention and vaccination services. 


For more program information, contact Krissy Roseberry, Director of Special Projects, at

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