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Health Workers

Helping Neighborhoods Thrive

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An apprenticeship program trains you to become skilled in a trade or profession. Apprenticeship training typically combines classroom learning with hands-on work. Community colleges, technical training schools, and even employers provide these job-related educational courses.  

CHW Apprenticeship Opportunities

Through the HRSA Community Health Worker Training Program grant we are able to help you attend an apprenticeship training program.   


Currently the newest apprenticeship program that the HRSA team has developed is with Methodist College who is offering an apprenticeship as a Medical Assistant.  After completing the Medical Assistant training, students can apply for an apprenticeship in Medical Assistant and partner with a local facility to hone their skills and eventually locate employment. 

If you are interested in the Medical Assistant training and apprenticeship program, please email In the subject line, type in CHW Apprenticeship. 

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