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Help Guide Thrive: An Open Dialogue About Community Health

By Dr. Tracey Smith Trauma impacts everyone differently, and Illinoisans are experiencing traumas from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now in its second autumn of testing our health, social, and economic systems, this pandemic continues presenting moments that will be studied for a long time to come. How do we respond to them? In Illinois, hundreds of Community Health Workers hired through the Pandemic Health Navigator Program connect people experiencing COVID-19 with basic human needs. They are well-trained service providers working in the communities they live in and respond to thousands of calls from their neighbors. They support local contact tracing efforts and help people make an informed decision about vaccination. As they continue their work, this blog will be a source of information regarding COVID-19 mitigation efforts and treatments, how Community Health Workers are impacting their communities, and the future of public health administration. Some resources to consider reviewing before we begin:

Dr. Tracey Smith is Director of Community Health and Programs at the Illinois Public Health Association, which administers the Pandemic Health Navigator Program.

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