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Stephanie Standish, RN, BSN, MA 
Public Health Nurse


Stephanie Standish is a public health nurse who recently spent 30 years at a county health department and ultimately served as its Director of Personal Health Services. Stephanie’s career led her to administer numerous programs, such as WIC, FCM, Early Intervention, Infectious Disease, clinical services, and home health.  
Stephanie has worked on initiatives such as Keeping Kids in School Project, homeless clinics, and cancer screenings with the Regional Cancer Partnership. She is a past board member at the Mini O’Beirne Crisis Nursery and Secretary of the Board of Directors at the Illinois Public Health Nurse Administrators. She has also applied her insights as the nursing representative to the IPHA Executive Committee. Stephanie currently sits on the governing board of the SIU Center for Family Medicine - Springfield and has served as its President.  
Stephanie’s hobbies include traveling, reading, jigsaw puzzles, sewing, knitting, and enjoying different crafts. 

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